What’s Your Makeup Personality?

Your makeup style can tell a person a lot about who you really are!

Take this personality test to see what your make-up says about you.


How Pretty do you think you are? Be Honest...

What is your makeup routine?

What's your favorite lipstick?

What's your Must Have, can't leave the House product?

Choose a Shade of Lipstick that you like?

What do you get complimented the Most with your Makeup?

What's Your Makeup Personality?
Instinctively Natural

Instinctively Natural

You are a natural beauty and it should not be confused with plain or ordinary. You don't have to make much effort because you are naturally beautiful inside and out. You are super chilled and tend to just go with the flow of things. You tend to have deeper connections to others, and this is probably because you are wiser beyond your years - perhaps an old soul. Your make-up routine is simple, clean, and effortless. You tend to choose softer colors like light pink, nude, or even purple for the lips, but your choice is either chapstick or a simple gloss. You believe in taking care of yourself with little stress and maintenance because there are more important things you want to put your energy into. You know you are pretty, but you don't like to flaunt it or stand out too much in a crowd. A little mystery does no harm to anyone. You're kind, generous, and usually have a sweet nature, but you also have a no-bullshit side. Because you prefer to be calmer and more reserved, you tend to keep people at a distance until you warm up to them a bit more. It's because all the things you do, you do with purpose and you don't waste energy on someone or something that doesn't justify a meaningful purpose in your life. When it comes to your family, close friends and life partner, you are more than generous with your love, time, and energy. You are an all-round comfort for everyone around you.
The Timeless-Classic


It's something so sensual quiet, collected and timelessly classic. Just like an endless love story or a beautiful forest landscape, your beauty style passes the test of time. Your vintage spirit is simple, clean and subtle, but if you have to vamp it, don't be afraid to break out your favourite red lipstick. You tend to choose colors that best match your skin tone and you tend to be true to your product selection. If it works for you, it stays in your arsenal. You prefer to let your mind and your positive influences on life shine first before your face and make-up, but you still take the time to take care of yourself and your beauty. You are passionate and very ambitious and although you are a born leader, you are the first person to jump on board to do the work as a team. You do not tend to be overly complicated, but your mind can be intense for others when you are working at full speed towards a goal. You are graceful, polite, and for the most part level-headed, longing for old-style Hollywood love affairs for romance and simple gestures of love.
Wildly Romantic

Wildly Romantic

You are full of adventure and are wild with your passions for your life's goals. You love to keep people on their toes both with your physical body movements and your mysteriously beautiful make-up look. You are creative, charming and passionate in so many areas of your life. Your make-up is effortless and passionate with rich, soft and warm color palettes that complement your skin, but when it comes to color, especially around the lips, you're not afraid to be bold. You love your unique qualities and you know that you are your own beauty and being a mystery to people is what you long for. You don't follow the pack under any circumstances and you live by standing out from others so that you stand out from your conditions. People are attracted to your romantic energies and your dreamy and elegant make-up lets you inhale bizarre and wildly intoxicating. You manage to create a romantic look from almost everything in your life, which makes sense because you pride yourself on being a hopeless and immortal romantic. You are truly unique, so it is no wonder that people are attracted to your beautifully mystifying looks.


You are not High Maintenance... Just High Quality. You have a sharp eye for what's a Quality trend and what is Shit. You spare no expense when it comes to your beauty- and it shows. Your makeup is crisp, fresh, and always on point. You know all your color pallets that are best for your skin tone and you are always looking for the newest color trends to experiment with. You absolutely stand out in a crowd and you wouldn't have it any other way! You tend to opt for colors that let others know that you are in control, whether they be a mauve, bold bright red, or a deep plum people sense your presence in a room. Despite you always being current and knowledgeable with the latest trends, you still always intermix your own personal styles of You- into your everyday look. You know who you are when it comes to how you want to look and you are on point with all the upkeep that comes along with being so well put together.

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