Which Hippie Chic Hairstyle Is Perfect For You?


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Which Hippie Chic Hairstyle Is Perfect For You

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Which Hippie Chic Hairstyle Is Perfect For You?

Bob hairstyles

"The Bob" is a typical hairstyle that looks good for any woman, regardless of her hair texture or color. The bob hairstyle can have straight and classic lines, or it can be reversed at many angles. Bobs can be short or long, and they are a perfect look for every day and sophisticated for fan events. Never had a bob haircut? Maybe it's time. Although the bob hairstyle is usually all in one layer, you can leave it layered to give a small volume and dimension to your hairstyle.

Bun hairstyles

There are many stereotypes about the club haircut (tense librarians, old-fashioned grannies, and ballerinas, to name but a few). Wearing a bun can be practical, but it can also add instant glamour to any outfit. The bun doesn't have to be high and tight; it can be messy and loose; there is no right or wrong way to wear a bun.

Cornrows hairstyles

Cornrow braids have a deep history dating back to 500 BC. Cornrows are complicated and depending on the hair length or the desired design they can take hours. Hairstylists who know how to braid cornrows have real talent. While cornrows may not be the best look for every woman, the hairstyle is a work of art and should be admired for all the work put into each row of braids.

hairstyles Braided

Were you under 10 the last time you wore braids in your hair? Braids aren't just for little girls or fairy princesses. Whether you have a short bob or long hair that falls over your shoulders, you can find a braid that suits your style and personality. Be creative, have some fun, and play with braids in your hair.

Layers hairstyles

If you think of layered hair, Jennifer Aniston's "The Rachel" might come to mind right away. While "The Rachel" helped women embrace layered hair, the layered haircut has been around for a long time.
Side Swept

Side Swept

A sideways swept hairstyle looks elegant and effortless. It looks like you just threw your long curls over your shoulder or the wind has gently swept your hair out of your face. A sideways wiped hairstyle works with long hair as well as some shorter cuts like the bob or even one with shaved sides. Whether you wipe your pony or all your hair, it can be a transformative look that can radiate confidence, class, and personality.

Perm Hairstyles

If you grew up in or have a memory of the 80s, perms have a bad reputation. Curly straight hair is nothing new and dates back centuries of trial and error. While early chemical perms felt the hair and looked a little overworked and unnatural, today's perms are healthier and look more natural.
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